Welcome to the World of Digital Agencies

Modern businesses of today are largely influenced by the internet and the growths of digital agencies are coming out with it. This concept is relatively new and unclear yet to most of us. Digital agency is described as a group of professionals who work for their clients or companies in the design, development, maintenance and promotion of the company's or client's website. Some digital agencies are being outsourced for just the design and development services, but some would also offer the whole package or full service in the digital works.

Companies in the past were using the traditional agencies, but now they employ a digital agency to promote and manage the company's brand through online strategy. Traditional agencies are those agencies which are offering the traditional marketing media and channels, like television and print as opposite to the internet method. Because the services of digital hothouse agencies are still on the level of introduction and evolution, they are sometimes labelled as lacking in knowledge and experience in comparison to the traditional agencies.

This impression is not at all correct because while the traditional agencies can boast of their experiences, the digital agencies are into a new world, that so far nobody can claim total experience yet. It is also noteworthy to mention that most of the successful digital marketers and advertisers came from traditional agencies and thus are bringing so much experience into the digitalhothouse agency industry. Even if these digital marketers and advertisers have the traditional advertising and marketing wisdom and experience, they do not totally shape the internet to these traditional approaches, but rather mould these approaches to fit the internet world of today and the consumers.

The reality is that traditional advertising techniques cannot be applied to the internet because the internet is a totally different method fundamentally as compared to the traditional ways. Those who believe that traditional strategies will work if applied to the internet are in to be left behind among their competitors. Note that online readers are not into reading long pieces of text and so the words in the internet advertisements have to be carefully chosen. There is a dialogue and interaction between consumer and the business in the internet that television and print can never reach. For this reason, websites must be developed in such a way that is easy to navigate for online shoppers, or else these customers will easily find another option if a certain website cannot offer what they want and when they want the product or service.